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With more than 44.000 restaurants in 110 countries around the world, SUBWAY® restaurants are the largest provider of sandwiches in the world. They have become key in the development of the international fast food industry.

Each SUBWAY® restaurant aims to provide a quality product made to the individual taste of each consumer. Sandwiches and salads are prepared before your eyes and the choice of toppings is free: crunchy vegetables, cheese, sauces and condiments.

Start-up costs are low, there is continuing education, and no experience is needed of the industry. These are the factors that among others add to the strength of the concept.

SUBWAY® restaurants offer a variety of hot and cold sandwiches served on bread baked daily, with low fat options and salads.


  • More than 40 years' experience
  • The size of the system. More than 44,000 restaurants in 110 countries
  • Great brand recognition with miles of customers around the world
  • Bread cooked on site daily
  • Manageable Initial investment
  • Easily adapts to almost any premises. No need for extraction.
  • Easy operation
  • Strong support systems for franchisees
  • Development Areas positions available

Required profiles

subway-store a5f9Entrepreneurs, salespeople and managers. But most importantly candidates who can take the SUBWAY® concept and maximize the potential. Additionally though, our consumer business takes time and energy and accordingly it is important to prepare for this. A candidate who relishes project planning and implementation may be even more suitable than a pure investor.

Conditions for network access

  • Entry fee: 7,500 €
  • Overall investment: 1,600 € from m2 on average for a standard restaurant (works, equipment, decoration, furniture) not exterior
  • Price of local: depends on the premises
  • Working Capital: 30%
  • Personal: minimum 100 k €
  • Royalties: 8% of sales excluding taxes
  • Royalties advertising: 4 5% of sales excluding taxes

Other Benefits of a Franchise

Besides support for the development of individual franchised restaurants, the SUBWAY ® chain also favors the establishment of non-traditional locations such as supermarkets, airports, stations, leisure facilities, cinemas, hospitals and department stores.

The growth of these "non-traditional" sites has increased and is now very successful with thousands of outlets of this style throughout the world. This growth is explained by several factors inherent in the SUBWAY chain.


Simple brand and delivery.

The SUBWAY® model is very adaptable even to non-traditional premises. With delicious sandwiches it is a simple operation that is easy to run and includes a system of controls and regular research and development.


SUBWAY® outlets are flexible in terms of space because they can adapt to all sorts of requirements and size.

Capital costs

The costs of starting a retail SUBWAY® outlet are exceptionally low for a franchise of this size. The total investment will depend on many factors, including location, rent, the size of the shop and equipment.

Proven results

The SUBWAY® system continues to expand and consolidate its position. It has refined and developed its franchise system throughout many years in business.

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